San Francisco Residents - First Week Free*

Step 1: Sign up Online

Create a MindBody Online account
so we know you're coming. Select the "Trial Week" option. When going through checkout, use code "ILIVEINSF" to start your free week. Your week starts the same day you sign up.


*The free offering is intended only for local SF residents who have never previously attended a class. If you're not from SF, please use the 1-Day Pass ($25) option or the 5-visit pass ($110) option.


What others say about 17th Street Athletic Club...

Real client testimonials -- personal stories about weight loss success; successfully finishing AIDS/Lifecycle Ride 545; and feeling stronger, more energetic and pain-free in every day life.

Step 2: Book a Class

Click "Schedule + Book" in the navigation bar above or through your MindBody online account and phone app, and you can sign up for any of our classes that fall within your week.

New to exercising? Don't worry, anyone can begin exercising with one of our Cycle, TRX or combo classes, they are beginner friendly and we promise a serious workout! Please arrive early so we can  show you how to set up your equipment and answer questions.

Class description schedule here

Step 3: Tell us about yourself

Connect with us! Either before/after class or email us--please tell us what you’re looking to accomplish at 17th Street Athletic Club. Share what is most important for your success.

Are you looking to compliment your workouts with cross training? Want to feel better able to keep up with your kids? Maybe you're looking to lose a few pounds.  Whatever it may be, we've got you covered. Check out our memberships, starting at $90 per month!