Our Team

Our names are Shannon Boughn and Marissa Axell.  We've collaborated as coaches together in the San Francisco area since 2008. We've brought humor and inspiration to every workout since.

Together we have over 30 years of experience and stories. We've both faced common struggles along the way; weight-gain, injuries, motivation, you name it, we've been there.

When we opened 17th Street Athletic Club, we created an inclusive place where we know everyone's name, their struggles, and their goals. We continue to foster this community with fun, kindness, support, and accountability.

We contact you if you stop showing up.  We celebrate your birthdays and promotions with you. Because of our focus on customer service, 17th Street Athletic Club has grown to become an inclusive and diverse community in San Francisco.  A place to go where we'll be with you every step of the way for your fitness or weight loss challenge goals. We are your stress release for whatever challenges life throws at you too.

We invite you to take the next step and join us for a week. 

We're pretty sure you'll love it here, and you too will discover that we're not just another gym. Read more about the entire coaching staff below.


Shannon Boughn
Studio Co-Owner

Lead Instructor & Motivator

Shannon has curly hair and sometimes doesn't look in the mirror before she leaves the house. The effect can be startling, especially when she is barking out instructions on the bike. She has not had a baby, much to everyone's relief. She may someday reproduce through mitosis.

Favorite Part of the Brain: Amygdala

Favorite Parent: ummm...I like them both the same but in different ways?

Favorite Exercise: squats


Marissa Axell

Studio Co-Owner

Marissa--yikes!  She races bikes and sometimes crashes them. Repeated falls have not mellowed her out. Her classes are thoroughly engaging. We voted her least likely to need a microphone when teaching.

Favorite Drink: Kombucha tea. She sometimes just drinks it directly from the compost bucket.

Favorite Person: her husband and her cat

Favorite Exercise: cycling


Chelsea Ellsworth

Chelsea is tall and strong. She will harness the power of her tallness to make you strong, too. 

Favorite Color: black until they come up with something darker

Favorite Person: strangely, also Shannon

Favorite Exercise: not swimming


Thandi Guile

Thandi looks like a nice person. Then you take her class and you think, why would a nice person make me suffer like this?  Thandi's TRX and Circuit classes are fun to take and funnerer to watch other people take while you sip coffee.

Favorite Muppet: Camilla the Chicken

Favorite Person: Camilla the Chicken

Favorite Exercise: anything where she's upside-down


Katie Meza - 


AIDS/Lifecycle ambassador

One day Katie woke up and said, "Yeah I think I'm going to ride a bike from SF to LA this year." Not only did she not know how to ride a road bike, but she didn't even own one. That's where the coaches of 17th Street Athletic Club stepped in. Not only did Marissa teach her bike handling skills, but she gained strength and fitness and a whole new healthy lifestyle. Now she's teaching cycling, welcoming everyone to the tribe.  Above all, she makes sure everyone wears a smile during and after her class. 

Favorite Person: Do dogs count--my dog Suki! 

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons

Favorite Exercise: Biking + a love/hate relationship with the BOSU ball


Katy Storch

Katy recently relocated from Southern California where she wrote and produced fitness horror films. She wears biking clothes under most of her work outfits, just in case she needs to ride a long distance without notice; therefore she secretly identifies as a superhero. 

Favorite Milk: Chocolate

Favorite Person: Rogue

Favorite Exercise: Quidditch Conditioning 


Angela Wackerly

Angela teaches everything: She teaches strength, cycle, TRX (here), and woodworking (not here). 

Favorite TV Show: American Pickers

Favorite Person: Shannon, obvi

Favorite Exercise: planks (get it?)


Robyn Hagan Cain somehow manages to look stylish even when she's sweatier than one of those women on Glow taking a Bikram yoga class. We kinda resent her.

Favorite Cheese: cubed
Favorite Person: Shannon (she's reading this, right?)
Favorite Exercise: TRX


Armando Iberra (not pictured) is a man. You will recognize him because he is a man. The rest of us are not.

Favorite thing: long walks on the beach
Favorite Person: Marissa, because I feel sorry for her
Favorite Exercise: Capoeira 


Maisie Ketron is another athlete who went off the rails and had kids. Her bike now sits unloved and unridden but her children are fed. She has a lot of pent-up energy that she would like to share with you. She is a triathlete who was a rower in college. She was also captain of the softball team. She is married to a man, go figure.

Favorite TV Show: she claims not to watch TV and tried to tell me her favorite author.  I ignored her.
Favorite Person: someone named Brewster; it sounds made up
Favorite Exercise: bootcamp


Alexis Baird is tough. She has done more Ironmans than your mom. She recently had a baby which I hear is kind of hard. She is also a kick-ass cycle instructor who will blah blah, something inspiring.

Favorite Food: Donuts
Favorite Person: Shannon
Favorite Exercise: running


You! Want to teach with top-notch equipment and work with great instructors? Want to help people get fit and build a warm, welcoming fitness community? Email Shannon to get in touch.