maisy at pride weekend

maisy at pride weekend

Name: Maisy Samuelson.  Member since: March 2017
"I've tried hundreds of fitness classes from Soul Cycle to Barry's Bootcamp and the 17th Street Athletic Club is my favorite studio - because the workouts are very intense but also low impact. I aim for 4 classes/week combo of indoor cycling and strength and am in the best shape of my life. In addition, the instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and keep building a great fitness community that makes coming to class extra fun."

Meg surrounded by the shespoke team

Meg surrounded by the shespoke team

Name: Meg Shutzer.   Member Since: February 2017
"The first time I went to 17th Street Athletic Club I was skeptical because I am an outdoor cyclist and triathlete who has never before enjoyed an indoor spin class - really, never. But it was raining again and I needed to spend some time on a bike to get ready for the AIDS/LifeCycle ride, so I tried it.

After one class I was telling friends about this spin class that I loved because it's actually geared towards cyclists and was seriously hard (in a good way!). Now, 17th Street has become my consistent go-to workout studio. I'm stronger and I can see direct results in my outdoor cycling. because the coaches motivate me to work my butt off and keep me from becoming complacent.

Also, 17th Street has become a community; I love seeing familiar faces in the morning, feeling like the coaches know and care about me, and being part of a shared effort to push ourselves to get stronger and better at our sports. 17th Street Athletic Club is both a place for serious athletes and a place where everyone is accepted and encouraged to grow. As a spin class - hater, I did not think I was looking for it, but I am so glad I found the 17th Street Athletic Club." 

Meg & chris enjoy post-race beers - well done!

Meg & chris enjoy post-race beers - well done!

Name: Megan Bolton.  Member Since: October 2016
"Before I joined 17th Street Athletic Club I had been going a few other gyms and never really found the right fit. It was also hard to stay accountable on my own. I joined 17th Street Athletic Club in October 2016, and I immediately felt like I had found my home!

I've been attending 2-3 times a weeks regularly and sometimes "pull the double workout!"  The coaches and instructors are such a positive, inspirational and grounding force in my life. Coming to the studio is something that I always look forward to because I know that I will get a great work out that is facilitated by women that care, are insanely knowledgeable and just plain fun to be around. It is such a highlight to my week, every time I leave the building, I feel so grateful for this studio!"

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Name: Cindee Teer.  Member Since: February 2017
"I missed the feeling of being part of a community and having a workout that challenged me while having fun.  I was also missing a spin class based on true cycling skills. I stumbled upon 17th Street Athletic Club and have not looked back since.  
I attend classes at least 5 -6 days when I’m not traveling for work.  I miss my 6 am buddies when I on the road.  I love the weekend classes because I try to bring a friend with me before heading off to a well-earned brunch.
The best part about joining 17th Street Athletic Club is how much my overall fitness, strength and motivation has changed.  I’m now the person in the class that will raise my hand to the harder challenge when the instructors give the class an option.  I’m willing to use the heavier weight during circuit or strength class if there is an option.  I’m finally at a point where I’m considering taking on a new fitness challenge. And if I do take that new challenge I know the instructors at 17th Street Athletic Club with be there to support me."



Best workout in San Francisco - hands down. It's what a gym should be. Classes are intense, but fun, and I love that you can do a 45 minute spin class or mix it up with a half hour kick ass spin followed by a 30 min strength training or TRX.  Instructors are knowledgeable, professional, very dedicated and to top it off, always seem to keep a sense of humor, while you're sweating your ass off.  


Deedee from Yelp
Neighborhood gem!! These ladies are real cyclists... I mean like they race bikes and win! This gym is perfect for weekend warriors that need to practice technical riding in the saddle when the weather is bad or you have a career that doesn't let you ride your bike everyday.

Workouts on these bikes are for training (not dance parties). There is bike parking inside and the online booking is super easy.  Try the combo TRX and conditioning classes for a full body workout


Janet from Yelp
I can't recommend this place enough for great spin classes. My favorite is the Wednesday night class with Chelsea. She always explains the benefits to things such as going up an imaginary hill three times. Going to the classes are definitely making my long weekend rides feel easier. If you are looking for a spin class in the Mission this should be where you go!


Sharon from Yelp
Awesome spot! These people are knowledgeable, approachable and passionate about what they do. I'm planning on doing most of my training for AIDS/Life Cycle ride using their classes, equipment, coaching and expertise. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!


Audrey from Yelp
I was just introduced to this gym a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it! It is owned by women and employs a variety of talented, positive, and professional trainers, most of whom are also female. The environment is empowering for all genders, and the workouts that they provide (especially the co-owners, Shannon and Marissa!) are challenging and dynamic. They focus on the whole athlete, and provide a full-body workout with clear, engaging instruction. Their spacious gym is a refreshing change from the artsy, boutique, dance-club style gyms that have been popping up around the country. When you arrive at 17th Street Athletic Club, you're there to work hard, break a sweat, and enjoy yourself. Everyone should join!


Katie from Yelp
Amazing space, amazing bikes and amazing instructors. I've been going to this gym since it first opened and have been seeing results. I'm so much faster and stronger on my bike, and feel great. The instructors are tough, motivating and fun! Bonus: they're all amazing athletes who have completed triathlons, iron mans, marathons and are champs in every endurance sport. This gym isn't only for cyclists, it's open to everyone at every level. Love this place!


Hiromi from Yelp
I'm aiming to complete my first AIDS Lifecycle Ride and for the past 3 or so months, I have been using the ALC discount code (thanks to 17th street for honoring and supporting AIDS Life Cyclists!!!) and getting a flat discount. One month before my ride (May), they made a month-long membership an option, which is perfect timing, as my long rides are on the weekends and my weekdays are supported by STRENGTH and SPIN classes that I supplement with here at this studio.

What I love: Small group classes (sometimes even just single person classes at 6AM) and the actual spin bikes with watt meters. This is a great place with great instructors, who walk the walk (or ride the bike in this case). Thanks


Jennifer from Yelp
I had a great spinning and boot camp combo workout last night at the club. Chelsea was the spinning and bootcamp instructor. I really like the space and that it is a woman-owned business. I hope to try more of their offerings like TRX. I would especially recommend this business to women. I use to go to a  women-only boot camp in Oakland and have been searching for a new home to replace it. The only request I would have of the gym is to offer some longer classes for folks who has an endurance gene


Lily from Yelp
LOVE the space, location, and instructors at this studio! If you're interested in cycling or strength training this is the spot for you. The classes are offered around a working schedule (early morning and early-mid evenings). The spin bikes are new, easy-to-adjust, and have very easy-to-read power output (watts and cadence). 2 bathrooms, 1 shower (always super clean) and there's a range of equipment (medicine balls, kettle bells, TRX's, dumbbells etc). The instructors are VERY patient, kind, and supportive and they'll definitely make sure you get a solid workout


Maisy from Yelp
i love the classes, instructors and encouraging community at the 17th street Athletic club. The spin classes are really challenging - there's no choreography - just tough interval training where you monitor and target specific rpms and watts. This means that you see yourself making progress and getting fitter. The strength  classes are also very challenging. I bought the monthly pass and alternate between spin and strength classes and feel like i'm getting in great well rounded shape. The instructors are very knowledgeable, athletic and encouraging


Megan from Yelp
I've never been a fan of spin classes until I came to 17th street. These teachers are amazing and somehow keep us working hard every class


Cynthia from Yelp
I'm a former competitive athlete and I'm a little picky about the trainers I train with and the gym/studios that I frequent. I LOVE 17th Street studio. Shannon, Marissa and Thandi are amazing trainers. They will push you to your limit, they will support your personal goals, and they will make you laugh while you work your butt off!

The best part for me is their experience as triathletes/cyclists/coaches. I trust them with body and my fitness training. The classes are designed to increase your personal level of fitness. The instruction is designed to fit all levels of fitness, from beginner to competitive cyclist. Classes start as early as 6am during the week which makes it easy to work out before work. My favorite classes are cycling, circuit, TRX and strength training


Amy from Yelp
I left my sweat in San Francisco!!!  I mean.........  Only go if you want to have an amazing time and set lifetime personal records and stuff.  PS Marissa is a goddess


Julie from Yelp
FUN FUN FUN was my second and third time ever taking a spin class. Awesome music, amazing new bikes, great trainers, super motivation and they made me feel comfortable being a beginner. I bought a 10 pack of visits! Can't wait for more


Megan from Yelp
This new cycling and strength studio is fantastic! It is run by incredibly passionate, dedicated and strong women that know what they are doing! I really appreciate the fact that the cycling classes are taught by actual cyclists and athletes, not to mention the AMAZING bikes. They show watts, speed and calories and really push you to be a better cyclist and athlete. The vibe at the gym is empowering, warm and welcoming. All the trainers are dedicated to their clients and also really nice women! I highly recommend this new studio


Katie from Google
Love love love this gym! Great classes, instructors and really challenging. All levels welcome!


Sara from Google
Great cycle + strength class. FYI Cycle class designed for cyclists and not bike dancers. I like Shannon's teaching style!


Diana from Google
My time spent in class with Shannon and Marissa is totally worth it. My climbing and endurance have improved immensely!


As seen from ClassPass reviews
Cycle+Mat Core with Marissa- Great class and good for someone who is getting back into working out. Marissa is very helpful with adjusting the mat core workouts for any pre-existing injuries.

Cycle + Strength class with Thandi-- Great Class love the mix of cycling and trx, thoughtful and helpful instruction.

I love this gym! They always provide an excellent workout, a positive environment, and a variety of options for strength-training and challenging yourself.

Cycle45 with Chelsea-- C is a fantastic trainer and every class with her is on point.

Cycle45 with Shannon - Shannon is the best spin instructor I've ever had. Consistently the best workouts. Been going to her classes for years at various studios.

TRX with Armando - he was really good at explaining the different moves, keeping time, encouraging us. Love Armando's amazing classes!